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Palompon, a 3rd class municipality now is situated in the north western part of Leyte has a population of 50,775 and an area of 128 sq. m. It is run by iron -willed leaders inclined to improve and develop the infrastructure program of the municipality.

The newly constructed port terminal with an area of 14, 170 sq. m. capable to shoulder more than 47, 474.724 gross tonnage of cargoes annually, the recently completed 21 km. Concrete national road linking Palompon and Villaba and the 21 km. Concrete national road connecting Palompon to Isabel shows the continuing effort of the LGU to provide appropriate transportation accessibility, The town owns 3 dump trucks, 1 pay loader, 1 bulldozer, 1 road grader and 1 backhoe to work on farm to market roads to connect all barangays to the poblacion. thus Providing more comforting accessibility to barangays folks in going to town proper. The Caduhaan-Masaba roads is almost completed.

Rehabilitation and improvement of the Lliberty-Santiago and Liberty-Mabini phase I farm to market road is already completed. The project cost a little more than P 11 million grant with a 10% counterpart from the municipality. It is under the ARCDP World Bank project.




Sea Vessels
The municipality is situated in the northwest part of the province,
bounded in the north by the municipality of Villaba which is 21 km., by
Ormoc City 65 km. And Isabel 21 km. It is 124 km. Road distance
from Tacloban City, the provincial capital with a travel time of
approximately 3 hours via the municipality of Villaba. From Tacloban
City, one can come to Palompon by bus and from Ormoc City by PUJ
or shuttle service via the municipality of Matag-ob and Villaba.

The recent concreting of the highway from Villaba to Palompon to
Isabel greatly lessened the travel time of vehicles in traveling from one
point to another thereby boosting trade and commerce and economic
activity in the municipality.


At present , there are 33 units private dump trucks, 800 units private vehicles, 2 units PUJ Palompon-San Joaquin-Hinagbuan route, 11 units Palompon-Isabel route, 3 units via Buenavista, 9 units Palompon-Ormoc route, 8 units Palompon-Villaba route, 5 units Palompon-Tabango, 3 units Palompon-San Isidro route, 3 units bus passenger, Palompon-Tacloban route, 8 units multicab for hire Palompon-Tagbubunga route, 3 units for hire Palompon-Himarco route, 4 units Palompon-Tinabilan route, 4 units Palompon-San Miguel route, 86 units of choppy, 278 units motorcycle, 30 units haba-habal, 500 units bicycle, 213 units pot-pot, 11 units mega taxi Palompon-Ormoc via Villaba, 2 units mega taxi Palompon-Ormoc via Isabel a total of 1,882 units. In vessel, 1 unit Palompon-Manila via Masbate, 3 units Palompon-Cebu. These do not include pumpboats which are by barangay folks in the northern area.

Palompon has a beautiful sea port area with a natural breakwater, an islet that prevents the entrance of big waves and strong winds. It was because of this port that Palompon was considered the premier trading area of western Leyte in the pre-2nd post-war era before it was supplanted by Ormoc. Even today, Palompon remains as the center of commerce and trade for the northwestern municipalities of Isabel, Kananga, Matag-ob, Villaba, Tabango, and San Isidro.

The municipality is openly accessible to other ports of the country such as the province of Cebu, Masbate, Iloilo, Aklan, Romblon, the northern part of Samar and western and northern provinces of Mindanao and southern provinces of Luzon. At present, there are daily trips for Cebu. With the data collected from Palompon Ports Authority (PPA) the volume of cargoes is steadily increasing. The volume of passenger traffic is also increasing. This excludes the daily land trip by PHILTRANCO from Palompon to Manila and from Manila to Palompon.


The municipality of Palompon is served by Electric Cooperative V (LEYECO V) for its power needs. The source of electric power is the 112 megawatts Tongonan geothermal plant. Only 80 megawatts is currently used in Leyte Samar route including PASAR and there is an excess of 32 unutilized.

The Palompon has a circular electrical connection from the geothermal plant, one that goes southward to Isabel and one that goes northward to Villaba, all at 69 kv, one line that is out can easily be connected to the other line.

To date, the Tongonan geothermal plant energized the municipality's 50 barangay's, serving more than 8,500 out of 10, 000 potential household connection.



The influx of advance technology especially in the arena of telecommunication poses as an imperative tool for the LGU to boost the development of its agro-commercial trading.

Globe telecom and Smart communication has now a cell site in Palompon. Globelines, Evtelco (Bayantel) and PLDT are having lines in Palompon.

These telecommunication facilities are concentrated in the town proper and their offered services particularly on telephone services have not reached many barangay's.

Palompon has four public calling offices (GLOBELINES, PLDT, BAYANTEL/EVTELCO), one cable TV station, (PCTN), one HOT FM radio station, one government owned radio communication (TELECOM) two cargoes forwarders (LBC and Aboitiz Express). A number of household have FAX machines, internet connections & satellite TV's all located at poblacion and twenty five barangay's own hand held radios. Some barangay's have cellular phone as communication facilities.


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