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eryka.com -- where women from 18-40 years old can riff or rave on everything they've ever read EVER and can feministly deconstruct romance novels.

Now I'll bet you're wondering, why such a freaky deaky combo?

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All of the book reviews have the following scale:

So good you just can't stand it.
Almost that good.
Sort of good.
Generally a waste of time.
Destined for the recycler.

The most complete section thus far -- and by far -- is the fiction section.

If you'd like to review a book, by all means click here

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The founder and runner of eryka.com (Eryka) works for the lowest paying dot-com ever, leading her to wonder if it's all worth it...but that's not the point. The point is that eryka.com has associated itself with both amazon.com and Powell's books. The indie bookseller supporter in me would like everyone to support Powells, but the hungry and astronomical-rent-payer will take whatever you give.

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eryka.com: how and why? Because!

I was bored one day at my brainless, brainless, BRAINLESS job (not my current job, although it has its elements of brainlessness), and, probably because said job was at a publishing house, I started thinking about books. I read pretty much incessantly -- I got mad because this time last year I'd already read about 70 books, and I'm no where near that this year. (Oh, the trials of short commutes! I know your heart is bleeding for me.)

Anyway, I got an idea of putting together a list of books I've read with a super-short blurb on whether it was good or bad, and why. Then I realized I was interested in what other people had to say, so I looked on Amazon. Then I got sick of people spoiling the damn plot, and I realized I was way more interested in hearing what women around my age group had to say.

And thus, eryka.com was born.

So. If you aren't a woman from 18-40 years of age, you can look -- but you can't touch.

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