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Suggested Links

Miller: Living in the Environment:
Text book Study Guide (Brooks/Cole)
Directions for finding site if above link doesn't work:

  • Click on Brooks/Cole (www.brookscole.com)
  • Under "Disciplines" (on the left) click Environmental Science
  • Under "Select a Course" (on the left) click Environmental Science
  • Click on the image of the textbook for Miller: Living in the Environment
  • On the right hand side of the page click on "Book Companion Site"

ENN Environmental News Network
IL Department of Natural Resources
Evironmental Protection Agency
>What does "Organically Grown" mean?
Nature Genetics Magazine
Environmental Legislation
National Academy of Sciences
USGS: Water Science for Schools
World Maps
EPA: Clean Water Act (CWA)






"We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children." - from the Coral Reef Adventure Web Site

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3/9/03 Wars affect on Oil

11/30/02 Special Report: The Sinking of the Prestige

11/01/02 Genetic Link to Lupus Identified

9/30/02 Antarctic ozone hole splits in two

9/24/02 Train noise cut by 80%; pollution, 90%

9/23/02 Report: Bad Air Threatens National Parks

9/12/02 U.S. life expectancy hits new high


Project Endangered Species


Students Reported on some of the endangered species and what is being done to protect them:

Blue Whale
Kate Kramer

Blunt Nosed Leapord Lizard
Sam Lewison

Humpback Whale
Ari Wasserman

Red Wolf
David Schapiro