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      We are an Imperial to covert imperial PA. A lot of us want to someday become jedi but as they have been announced to be "hardcore" it probably won't be a while till any of us even become force sensetive, but we accept all profesions all races all genders. We are generally just a group of friends that hang out and talk to each other. Trying to make the game as fun as possible for everyone.

Since we are a fairly new PA a lot of the PA is still being discussed.  We don't plan on having ranks or anything like that. Everyone will be equal and have a say in whatever is being discussed, When our PA is larger and the game is released we will have a spokesperson for each profession in case of a dispute. For example:
          Let's say we want to move to a different planet, but a bunch of miners want to stay where we are,  but can't post on the forums very often. The miners  spokesperson will explain to us why the group does not want to move to another planet. We will then use the information given to us by the spokesperson in the dispute over whether we should move to a new planet or not. I doubt we will actually have any problems like this but we have to be ready..
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