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If you are to be an Eternal Knight their are a few requirements:
You must be Imperial or sympathetic towards Imperials
Act in a mature manner, with hold the urge to use profanity
Be rescpectfull to the other members and you will be treated the same
Come to have fun and enjoy the game

    If after you look over the rest of the site and you agree with everything send
  me an e-mail at

    Please have the following info in your e-mail:
Your StarWarsGalaxies forum name
Your name
Your characters name
Any other info you think I should have

      After you have sent me the e-mail go on to the forums and
POST a little bit about yourself then it'll be kinda like a little meet and greet =P
      There is a 7-14 day screening period to see if you will be accepted or should I say knighted and to see if you like us after the time is up we will all discuss and then vote if you shall be admited once you are you will have acces to the members forum.

     We all have AIM because we can talk in chats and talk in real time through IM's if you don't have it you can get it
here. and don't be afraid to write anyone who's on everyone is friendly and we'll be glad to answer any questions or just talk with you..... if their not busy that is =) Thank you
Join us or Die!
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