Quality Rex and Satin Rabbits

We have been engaged in the breeding of quality
Rex and Satin Rabbits since 1992.
We strive to produce a genetically sound and healthy rabbit.

You will know our rabbits by their ear number that begins with EV

Satin Rabbits
Siamese and Broken Siamese
Rex Rabbits
Blue, Castor, Opal, Red, Tricolor 

The Story of Enchanted Valley Rabbitry
Mike was a rabbit raiser since he was a young kid.  He raised meat rabbits on the family farm and was instructed by his dad, a dairy farmer, and like most farmers of his days, he was also a small livestock raiser.  Mike's family raised thousands of chickens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl and rabbits.  Income from this small livestock provided extra cash for the holidays and getting those extra "for fun" things.  There was many a western Dane county table, that was graced with a Christmas goose that came from the Statz farm.  Mike and Laurie kept raising rabbits and some poultry after they were married.  When our three sons, Chris, Nick and Barry got into the rabbit project
in 4-H, we acquired our first pedigreed rabbits. 
First it was New Zealand Whites, then Rex, next came Satins and lastly Californians.
Enchanted Valley Rabbitry had small beginnings as our boys
4-H projects.
Boys interests change and so has our rabbitry.
We inherited these rabbits from our children. As the kids slowly lost interest in rabbits we decided to cut back to the two breeds that we just couldn't live without, Rex and Satin.
In 1997 we registered our rabbitry name with the A.R.B.A.
Shortly after that we began intensely breeding for improvements in our Satins, when we took the Satins to open competition.  In 2001 our youngest son gave up showing and we are currently working to bring the
Rex up to the challenge of open competition.

On a National level
we have these accomplishments to speak for us.


2005 A.R.B.A.  Convention-Indianapolis, IN
BOV & BOSV Siamese
1st & 2nd place Broken Senior Doe

2005 N.A.S.S. - Belton, TX
1st place Siamese Jr. Doe

2004 A.R.B.A. Convention - Providence, RI.
1st place Siamese Sr Doe
1st Place Siamese Jr. Doe

2004 N.A.S.S - Pueblo, CO. BOSV Siamese
2003 A.R.B.A. Convention - Wichita
1st place Siamese 6/8 Buck
1st place Siamese 6/8 Doe

2002 N.A.S.S. BOV & BOSV Siamese-Sedalia
2002 A.R.B.A. Convention BOV Siamese-Peoria
2000 A.R.B.A. Convention. BOV Siamese-Columbus


2005 A.R.B.A. Convention - Indianapolis, IN
3rd place Castor Senior Buck
5th place Castor Senior Doe
5th and 8th place Broken Junior bucks (all Tricolored)

2004 A.R.B.A. Convention - Providence, RI
3rd, 4th, 5th place Broken Jr. Bucks (all Tricolored)

2003 A.R.B.A. Convention-Wichita
3rd place Broken Jr. Buck (Tricolored)
4th place Castor Jr. Buck

2003 National Rex Show-Lubbock
BOV Blue

2002 A.R.B.A. Convention-Peoria
1st place Broken Junior Doe
1st place Blue Senior Doe
1st place Blue Junior Buck

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August 17, 2008
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