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This critique doesn’t necessarily prefers a faction or an opinion neither it tries to prove the correctness of one party as compared to the other. The critique is of a pattern of behaviour observed by studying posts, e-mails, and self-expressions on the Internet of individuals having being previous followers of Mahraji.

If one stands premies and those followers that have moved on, then between the remaining [former] followers of Mahraji one will find more than one voice.

The first are the ones that believe in the Gospel of EPO. Those are the traditionalists zealots. This faction has a very precise well-defined aim that is surmised as:

  1. Deny Mahraji any access to new recruits.
  2. Defame Mahraji in any way possible, wether ethical or not.
  3. Destroy Mahraji’s work.

To succeed, Catholic Exitism [for lack of terms] relies on certain strategies of which some of the most important are:

  1. The assumption that being a Mahraji follower caused pain and suffering.
  2. "new" "Exitism" recruits are bombarded continuously and repeatedly with information that has the specific purpose of causing emotional upheaval thus allowing programming of patterned behaviour to take place [brainwashing]. This in particular will serve to deny cognitive functions from processing information in a logical and rational way in regard to the behaviour of Mahraji.
  3. "new" recruits are not allowed to voice concerns or enter into conflicting discussions off the main stream topic. Any such motives are quickly abolished and the subject is changed.

The aim of this procedure is to nurture anger and pain which, are then rationalised as a natural occurrence due to mental, psychological…etc abuse by Mahraji and his organisation and are [pain, anger] therefore justified. No effort whatsoever is taken to safeguard or shield individuals whom maybe in genuine need of professional counseling and/or help.

Interesting to note from [2] above that Exitees are at a loss as to their stature when "comparing" notes with Mahraji. While most of them criticise him for his flamboyant lifestyle, the majority of them don’t appear to complain if they were offered the same.

A general trend can be drawn from the message forum that Exitees use:

  1. total lack of discussion of topic of spiritual nature including that of meditation
  2. Condemnation of any Exitee that questions the issue of spirituality. This fact in itself has lead to the creation of another Exitee password protected message board namely Recent Exes Forum, a place behind the scene where Exitees have some form of privacy to talk about such issues
  3. the only topic that is permitted to be discussed in public amongst Exitees is that which will practically bring Mahraji and his organisation down to its knees

Reinforcing the brainwashing process, an army method of image tarnishing combine with mental abuse is used. This group has perfected this method and uses it continuously against anyone that veers of the allocated road. It’s first implemented against the current followers of Mahraji [Premies}. These are officially looked at as people with very low intellect, have no ability to make deductive logic or rational thought, living dead and are the scum of the earth. The Tactic is to engage or pretend to engage a new comer with a stimulating conversation. As long as the conversation leads the new comer to the ultimate goal of being recruited, the conversation continues unabated. If however the new comer begin to voice concerns and objections, the conversation turns ugly and deteriorate into name calling…etc.

This abuse will also be directed against Exitees each time they attempt to open a debate aimed at expanding the limits of the arguments. Thus in the words of cyber space, many Exitees have been burnt by the abuse which in many cases takes the form of an all out vicious attack with total disregard to anything.

This fact seems to work as intended because many [genuine] Exitees see the futility of their effort and are either driven away or turn into [cyber lurkers]. But further still, the effect of the abuse has an additional advantage which is that of reinforcing the brainwashing process of not allowing spiritual conversation to take place and creates compulsive behaviour that is too evident to ignore in such a large group.

The bottom line is that Exitees "have" been afraid of their spirituality or hence their need to talk about it because the issue is firstly related very closely to Mahraji and secondly because of the brainwashing process and fear of being abused.

This is where one finds a second group of Exitees. The size of this group is difficult to determine as many of the people that should belong here have long left and only few remain.

Belonging to this group are Exitiees that have cut all spiritual ties and dependence on Mahraji and including associations with the ex-premie shaninghi. Though this group lingers, it appears that most of those people have established new roots and relations based on different criteria. Most of those people will probably still have premie friends, will not attempt to dissuade premies of changing their believes and are just satisfied with letting things exist the way they are.

Yet within this group there is a sub-group that can only be described as Questioning Exitees, these that were used and brainwashed by the Exitees movement but are in the process of requestioning their actions. Some have realised that what they where really looking for was not what was fed to them. Those people are revisiting themselves and could very likely re-join Mahraji’s movement again.


Finally, there is no doubt that ex-premie have a major fissure line amongst themselves that is growing by the hour. The staunch fundamentalist wants thing to run their way as is described above while the moderates want to voice their own opinion the way they see it including opening the subject of spirituality and allowing themselves to mix with premies again without fear or predigest. There is no stopping the tide.


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