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“As Above, So Below! As the Universe, So the Soul! As Within, So Without! May the Circle be Open, but never Broken! Merry Meet –Merry Part –and Merry Meet again!

In the North is Hecate; Goddess of the Dark moon, Crone wisdom, magic and Witches. She represents the Crone is the Goddess triad, as well as the solid earth on which we stand. She is part of the Shrine to teach about the Dark mysteries and help to learn about the “dark nature of our souls.” 
In the East stands Blodewedd, Flowerface. She is the Maiden is the Goddess triad. She is the Goddess of Spring, Innocence and Rebellion against stereotypes. She was created, by two men, to be a dutiful wife. She did not want that life and chose another, and suffered for it. She chose her own path, and did not live with the expectations imposed on her.  She was turned to an Owl. She represents the need to challenge misconceptions and the desire to be more than the “title’s’ we are judged by.

In the south stands Sophia; Goddess of Gnosis. She is Knowledge and the Power that comes from having Knowledge. She is revered by the Gnostics as the embodiment of Wisdom. She is respected in many faiths and even has her portrait in the Sistine chapel. God has his arm around her.

She therefore represents the knowledge and wisdom to be gained from all sources in this world. One of the goals of the Shrine is to bridge faiths within The Craft and Pagan Communities, as well as with Book Religions and other faiths.

In the West is Brighid, Goddess of the hearth. She is the Mother in the Goddess triad. She is healing, fertility and inspiration.  Brighid is also called St. Brigit of Ireland and has a perpetual flame, which burns in honour of her devotees, in Kildare, Ireland. Her womb, does not just bring forth life, but also incubates creative thought and poetry. As the Goddess of inspiration and creation, she represents the creative force and dynamic nature that drive both the Shrine and The Craft.

Surrounding the Shrine is a garden of Blackberry’s, Blueberry’s and Herbs. The are Maple, Cedar and Hemlock Trees along the North-Western edge; underneath grows Periwinkle where the Fae make their homes. All of these plants are tended over by the Fae. They keep the gardens all year round and are sacred members of the Shrine.
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