A friend in the carnival business recently whispered in our ear "What the heck is marketing? Everyone is talking it up. Help me. Inform me. I'm tired of playing the Iggy. Glad to (we said). It's not easy to give a simple reply to a complex question. But...here goes. Marketing is a skill. It combines successful advertising, sales, promotions, PR and press, discount offers, special events and related items with research and creativity to produce profits. Big profits. Serious money. Marketing is knowledge. Information. Power.

It's also essential for today's professional to compete in the outdoor amusement business. One thing is for sure, it eliminates the waste, the costly mistakes on the rip offs. Takes the guesswork out of advertising and promotion. Allows you to zero in on prospects.

Another thing....

With informed marketing you're batting in the BIG League. Today's league. Without it....? Well, we all know what happened to the GEEK, don't we?