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FANHS Stockton
PO Box 4616
Stockton CA 95204
(209) 462-3489
(209) 956-1728

FANHS Stockton 2001


TO: Executive Director, FANHS and all FANHS Chapters & Members
FROM: Virgilio R. Pilapil. M.D., President Emeritus, FANHS
RE: Announcement and Request for Support
DATE: October 28, 2000

Today, Saturday the 28th of October 2000, our Society's founding president will be celebrating his retirement from his job at the University of Washington. In recognition of his eminent role, along with his wife, in the formation and nurturing of FANHS, among many others, I feel that it is about time that we should recognize such a distinct and unselfish accomplishment. Therefore, I am going to initiate with my wife, Elena, a trust fund in his honor to support future researches and related activities within FANHS with a $1,000 seed money donation that I am making with the hope that all of us can help the trust fund grow until it becomes functional and operative.

I am therefore mailing a copy of this letter to all the Chapter presidents today, hoping that each Chapter would try to make a contribution towards the fund, and to encourage their members as well to contribute individually if they could. There is no set amount to contribute. Any amount would be appreciated knowing fully well that no matter how small the contributions, in time it will add up if everyone helps. If we continue to do this year after year, we could expect the fund to grow to the point that researches and other activities within the Society could be funded to the best that we could possibly do. Please pass the word.

But by initiating the Trust Fund we will not only honor our founding president, it will also become the vehicle by which we could start having funds to really support all kinds of research activities on Filipino American history and other related works. The sky is the limit as far as what such a fund can do. And untied, we should be able to do it.

My suggestion is for the Trust Fund money to be placed in a safe investment that could yield an income of 10% or more, or whatever is the best that the economy can bring, and then use only 90% of such income or interest for spending. The principal, as well as 10% of the annual income, must not be spent and kept invested so that the fund will continue to grow through the years even if no further donations are collected. Of course, we will continue to work to build the Trust Fund with more future donations and fundraising activities.

I will ask as our Executive Director to form a committee that she would be part of to plan as to how the trust fund income should be used and how one can qualify for it. This could be a standing committee that would be charged with supervising the Trust Fund.

Finally, I would like to recommend naming the Trust Fund as "Drs. Fred and Dorothy Laigo Cordova FANHS Research Trust Fund." I think everyone will agree that it is also about time that the founder of FANHS, Dr. Dorothy Laigo Cordova, should be recognized for all the unselfish works that she has done for the Society and therefore naming it also after her would be most appropriate at this time.

Please make any donations to the Trust Fund payable to "FANHS" but specify with a note on the check that it is for the Cordova FANHS Research Trust Fund and then send it to the FANHS National Office, 810 18th Avenue, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98122.

Thank you for all your support and help, and our congratulations to Drs. Fred and Dorothy!

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