East Africa

askari native troops in European service (Swahili for soldier, from Arabic)


enclosure or barracks used to temporally confine slaves (Spanish barracón, augmentative of barraca hut, from Catalan)


stronghold or fort

bundu the bush, wild country


master or boss (Swahili, from Arabic abuna our father)

courbash buffalo hide whip
hongo toll paid to natives for permission to pass through their territory


hello (Swahili)

juju Magic, a fetish, charm, or amulet of West African peoples (akin to Hausa jųju fetish)


king (Shona from Mawali)

Negus title of the emperor of Ethiopia
palaver a long parley usually between leaders or persons of different cultures (Portuguese palavra word, speech)

ruga ruga

vicious mercenary bands consisting of native refugees, adventurers, and runaways

safari a hunting expedition (Arabic safariy,of a trip)
Schutztruppen German soldiers in Africa (literally, protection force)


East and Central African trade language with much Arabic influence (Arabic sawahil, plural of sahil coast) AKA kiSwahili

toto servant or "boy" (Swahili toto)
Wa-Bangi Hashish smoking pagans of central Africa. Literally, "the people of bhang (hashish)".


Africans (Arabic)


Island nation of traders and slavers (Arabic zanj-bar coast of the Africans)

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