French North Africa

ahrar Moroccan kasarian farmers owning land around oases
cafard, le Solitude of the great wastes
chasseur Light cavalry or infantry trained for rapid maneuvering (French, from Middle French chasser, hunter)
chechia Zouave fez (red)
fuggaras Moroccan underground water galleries
goum Moroccan infantry unit of the French Army, Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains
goumier A soldier from a goum unit
haratin Moroccan dark-skinned kasarian workers
harka Moroccan war party
kasar Moroccan fortified town or village
kasarian Moroccan resident of a kasar
kepi A military cap with a visor and a round flat top sloping toward the front (French képi, from German dialect (Switzerland) käppi cap)
Legion Etrangèr French Foreign Legion
Makhzan Moroccan government
mallah Area of a kasar occupied by Jews
roumi Frenchman (from Roman?)
spahis Algerian native cavalry in the French army -- also irregular Turkish cavalry in other areas
tiraillers French riflemen, from shooter??
zouave Member of a French infantry unit, originally Algerians, wearing a brilliantly-colored uniform with baggy pants, a fez or turban, and other Arabic-looking clothing (from Berber Zwawa, a Berber tribe)

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