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Hello! And welcome to the even more new-and-improved Fans of Figwit site!

Of course, there are enough sites that one can find on the internet about our dear Figwit to be kept content, but there's nothing like the satisfaction one gets from making their
own page about the Elf they fancy most.

Lines are to your left, web-rings and updates are to the bottom, and fun is all in between. Obviously, if the link won't let you connect, it's because there's no page made for it yet. I really hope you enjoy the site as much as I have enjoyed making it. If you have problems, please see the information links to the right.

~ Candice ~
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December 21, 2003    Check this out! I remade the page (some if it still looks the same) and moved it to a matching location. You know, FOF not only stands for Fans of Figwit, but for Fans of Faelon as well. Now I have twin FOF sites, and this is the newest version of Fans of Figwit. Also,
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And here's a Happy Holidays from myself!
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If you want to use it on your own page, feel free!
I just used my manipulation skills and fixed
up Rivendell, threw in a Santa-Figwit,
added some snow, changed the colors,
and we have
Christmas in Rivendell!

So Figwit
FINALLY spoke in the movie. I had to wait until Saturday after it's release to see it, but see it I did, and I couldn't be more pleased. You can read my review in one of my journal posts, posted here. Spoilers are included, of course. After re-reading it, I seem how much of a cry-baby I am. *snerk* But it was most excellent.

Also, I've added this amusing Figwit Birthday picture,
FOF has turned a year old around this time...
(To be honest? I don't remember the exact day that
I set up the page. Just that it was about this time last year.)
Click the thumbnail to view it!
It was originally for Alatar on her birthday, but
I've edited it a bit to make it fit for anyone. lol

I believe there's one last thing for this update. For those of you who view your pages in 800 x 600, this page may be quite
wide for you. That's because I've decided to switch to the 1024 x 768 resolution screen size. 800 x 600 was just too cramped in my opinion. so if you want to view the whole page, I believe you can click on 'Full Screen' and it SHOULD work. I'm not sure. I'll keep a question up on the main page, though, so people can tell me what size is best for them. The majority will be what I go with. Thanks!
Christmas in Rivendell!
Figwit's real-life brother played by Justin McKenzie.

I am a pervy elf fancier. Go me.
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January 1, 2004    HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Well, still no work done on the gallery or the Figwit Sim, but I've been maping out the 'Figwit Tour through Rivendell' and guess what?
Figwit Store! I only have one product made right now.
I just had to. It was more for humor than anything else.
It's a
Figwit Thong! (Based on the Birthday picture in the Fig Art section)

You can either follow the link to the store in this update, or just
click the thumbnail. There's also a link to the left. Enjoy! *giggle*
Also updated is the Sounds page. Three people wrote me before I finally got my butt in gear and updated again. *looks sheepish* The first big thanks goes to Hilary. Second is to Kayla, and third is to Vardaquareien. That mystery sound would have driven me CRAZY if it weren't for you ladies.
January 13, 2004    Weeeeeeell... The store idea didn't work out for the time being... Cafeblah-blah turned out to be a bust, the piece of crap... I'm leaving up the button (unlinked) for a Figwit Store, though, because I DO intend to get one up along the way... If you look to the left *gestures like Vana White* then you will see quite a few new buttons added to the list. Those are things to come. And what's this? *gasp!* I FINALLY have one of the galleries up!

Now you can check out Figwit's images
from Return of the King! Just click
or the link, or click the thumbnail to the right.

I also have a page called "Figwit Twins" up. What it is,
is a small page that has Figwit look-alikes. Click on the link
in the left-side list, or click
here. There's already a few
listed there. That's all for today. I hope you all are doing well. *tips hat*
January 25, 2003    Alright. I've been busy. I got a few things done. I'm still working on the 'Which Figwit Are You?' quiz, because I had it nearly done last night, and then the page flipped out on me, so I lost all the work I did on it... I hope to include that in my next update.

For today, I've made the
Figoration page, I've made the Fig Pals page, and I had to re-do the Figwit Twins page and omve it to a new location. It's also updated, though, with a new Legolas art picture. It doesn't see like much, but it was practically a whole day's worth of being online... *groan* But it's for Figwit, so it's all worth it. So go check out the new pages. I hope you like them...