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We are an India based business that is very good at providing both strategic and delivery-oriented information technology consulting. A leading source of intelligent and practical business systems services, we serve Asia, EU and Africa regions. Today we work mainly with major banks and international businesses, particularly those providing software and services to the finance industry. We have organized and managed a number of core banking system projects, designed a new approach for finance industry regulatory reporting, helped specify and design a major bank's data warehouse and data mart system for problem asset management. To make all this happen, we have entered into several key technology consulting alliances.





Across the Life Cycle


Whether it is a full banking system or an enterprise business system - over the years many businesses have relied on us to provide innovative thinking, offer imaginative understanding, maintain international standards of practice, and always deliver truly professional consulting advice and assistance. We deliver high performance management & technology consulting services by combining years of experience in banking and technology. We focuses on assisting financial institutions in achieving operational solutions by providing full lifecycle services, from the analysis through implementation stages.




Across the Broad Spectrum of Banking Activities


As business models develop and your organisationís needs change, we are able to deploy our expertise in software development, integration and migration technologies, solution testing and, if required, comprehensive outsourcing of entire business functions.


Our experience covers a broad spectrum of banking activities, with a strong emphasis on Risk, Delivery and Knowledge Management consulting. We understand financial business. With in-depth knowledge of the banking and financial services sector and excellent communication skills we work with you to understand and achieve your business goals.


Our Financial Technology services include:

        Project Management

        IT strategy

        Market/Product/Delivery strategy

        Operational performance analysis

        Best practices identification

        Departmental re-engineering roadmaps

        Business requirements definition and gap profiling

        RFI/RFP preparation and results analysis

        Vendor contract reviews


Target areas of expertise:

        Multi Channel Banking {Internet, Mobile, ATM, Branch}

o       Chip card payments

o       Internet and e-commerce

        Instrument Management {LC, Mortgage, Credit Card} & Funds Transfer {EFT}

        Financial Messaging and SWIFT

o       Internet Gateway and Utilisation Strategies

        Real time Settlement {RTGS} & Clearing {ACH} Systems

o       Systems Specifications Development

        Risk Management & Regulatory Environment {Basel, Fraud, Monitoring}

o       Business Continuity Management

o       Disaster Recovery

o       IT Project Audit Reviews

o       IT Systems Maintenance

        Core General banking practices

o       Infrastructure and Service Platform Reviews

o       Banking Systems Development and Implementation

o       Dealing Room Installations

o       Business Process Re-engineering

        International Operations


An International partner for your global business

By specialising in this marketplace we have developed extensive expertise in delivering both business and information technology support across a wide range of business needs.


       Business & Strategy Consulting

       Information Technology Consulting

        Process and Quality Consulting


Within our consulting division we support clients from product evaluation and project management through to systems development and implementation. We are amongst the most highly skilled within the industry, providing our clients with true business value in managing and implementing IT related projects.


We offer support for international projects with offices and partners in the Africa, Europe, and Asia, providing local consultants for projects and cost effective development resources whenever and wherever you require them.


For companies seeking to focus on key business objectives, outsourcing other projects or even an entire department can reduce business costs and release key management resources and infrastructure. We have developed competence specialising in outsourcing within the financial services industry, allowing us to quickly react to new requirements and offer cost effective solutions to our clients.


Why FinaTech Consulting can make a difference

We believe we are not the same as the rest. We focus on using technology to help our clients meet their business goals and using our expertise to solve problems rather than sell chargeable hours. We have a proven track record in:

        The finance sector (banking, clearing services, insurance, investment management)

        Programme and project management, development and implementation

        Procurement management (people, systems, packages, suppliers)

        Delivery to time, cost and quality required

        Cost saving and value realisation


All our consultants have a common set of working practices and are ready to hit the ground running under dynamic leadership of Principal Consultant Mr. Deepak Pareek



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