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Welcome to the Cosplay Sanctuary where we can soothe your cosplay anguish and assist you on your journey in finding the right outfit. Take a look around and feel free to explore. Do not be scared; be relaxed. Willingly follow the angelic Himiko-chan through the Sanctuary, with Eiichi-kuma happily bouncing around, following your steps. We sincerely hope you will find what you are seeking at the wonderous and peaceful Cosplay Sanctuary....
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April 2005 - We apologize for the lack of updates due to our busy schedule. Commissions are opened at this time but however, we are taking them on a limited basis. Also, we would like to apologize for the delay in replying to your emails. =( We hate to keep customers waiting but we promise that we will get back to you as soon as we can. Please bare with us. :)

You can definitely try to win them via our eBay auctions or have them custom ordered directly from us on this site! We have a brand new additional page of cosplay pictures from our Cosplay Sanctuary friends! Marvel at how wonderful they all look!! *applauds* Thank you all for all your support and patronage!

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