"Bonnatale Rajah"
I'm a neutered male Russian Blue, born on 1 November 1994. You're probably wondering how my people came up with my name of Kostya? When they brought me home, I met Boots (my Siamese mentor who's now crossed the Rainbow Bridge) and my brofur 'Gus . For days, my people couldn't think of a name for me until one day, Boots and I had a small disagreement on who's house it was. I sat on my back legs and batted him around the ears a bit, so my people thought that because I am a Russian Blue and not afraid of things that are too big for me, I should be named after the Russian lightweight boxer, Kostya Tszyu (who now lives in Australia, by the way). I was brought home because my brofur, 'Gus was becoming too much of a pawful for Boots, who was beginning to slow down a bit, due to his age. So I was introduced to the home as a playmate for 'Gus. I had around 12 beautiful months with Boots before he left us.

I possess many traits that are typical of my breed. My beautiful green eyes are like sparkling, bright emeralds - their depths intelligent and knowing. Although I am a short hair I have a double coat, which means that to touch me my fur feels quite thick. In the sunlight the pure silver tips on every hair of my coat shine with silver ethereality. I am fine boned but enjoy a sleek, deceptively muscular body. My regal carriage gives me a graceful bearing, and the way I place my paws onto the ground makes me look as if I'm walking on broken glass.

~ Chasing 'Gus
~ My crunchy treats (thanks Exelpet!!)
~ My morning bikkies
~ Smurgling on my Mumfur at 5am
~ Chasing my toys for my people.

~ Going to the V*t
~ Strangers in my home
~ Having my monthly flea treatment
~ D*gs
~ Having pills popped down my throat (mew).

My gentle nature endears me to my people and I often butt heads to prove my love. As a further token of my affection I often bring my people small gifts such as moths and lizards. I am quick when I play, my paws darting about to snatch things with a swiftness that leaves you breathless. I have my people trained to throw things for me to retrieve and when I play my grace and agility bring much entertainment to our household.

Ahhh... beautiful sunshine. I just love to sit outside on my own purrsonal table. Don't I have a beautiful shiny coat? My people love to watch me when I sit in the sun, all shiny and sleek. Here I am also, helping Mumfur put up the Chrissy tree. I'm such a li'l helper *smurgles*.

Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you *extending paw for firm pawshake*.

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Last updated: April 2009

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