"Anala Feargus"

I guess you're wondering where I got my nickname from, huh? Well it doesn't take genius to figure out that 'Gus comes from FearGUS. I am a neutered male Chocolate Burmese, born on 12 February 1994. I was introduced to my people because my old Siamese mentor, Boots (who has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge) was getting old and demanding, and my people decided he needed some company. In fact, Boots passed away on my third birthday *mew*, tho' we still had a good 18 months together. The only problem was that being a kitten, I was too playful for him. That's when they decided to bring home my brofur, Kostya.

I have matured into a large solid cat. My short, soft coat is easy to care for and I shine like a bronzed penny in the sun. I demand affection from my people, will purr at the drop of a hat. I love to converse in soft, subtle tones. My large yellow eyes are like hypnotic pools of amber and I have a very expressive face. I am very affectionate and will throw myself on the ground in front of you, expecting to have my tummy scratched. I'll chase you when I'm in the mood, or expect you to chase me If you ignore me, I'll simply choose to walk away with 'tude, ears flattened and a swagger to my gait.

My people are always telling me that I have "cattitude", but purrsonally I think they're wrong. I'll admit... purrhaps I am a little aloof, but it's my right! After all, I'm a cat *purrs* I just love being the centre of attention but I get really cheesed off when my brofur gets more than me. Purrhaps that's why my people tell me I have "snottitude".

eating my food
eating Kostya's food
chasing Kostya
scheming all day on how to be the centre of my humans' universe
having my tummy scratched

going to the V*t
having my monthly flea treatment
having pills popped down my throat *mew*
other cats hanging around MY home!
being ignored!

I just love having my tummy scratched. My people think I look like a hussy, but there's nothing I love more than a good tummy rub (of course, being the centre of attention comes first!!). Also, laying on my back helps me get cool in summer.

At night, after dinner, I often hide from my people. This makes them have to come and look for me because they think that somehow I've gotten outside. I'm good - but not THAT good *purrs*.

I'm good company and will follow you everywhere to make sure you don't forget I'm here. I love people company, and will always seek you out to find out what sort of day you've had. If you leave me alone all day with only my brofur for company, I have to follow you around when you come home, just to remind you that there are more important things in your life, like me!

Well, it's been a pleasure meeting you *extending paw for firm pawshake*.

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Last updated: April 2009

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