John 14:23

Jesus replied, "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.  My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him."

Many of us want to experience God.  In fact, all of us should experience God as it is the norm of our love relationship with Jesus Christ.  However, some of us try to look for experience so badly that so much so we get overly engrossed with the experience factor.  Yet others, being so afraid of an experience thinking that such experiences are not biblical have shunned the reality of the true experience of God.

Experience is a way of feeling the presence of God.  And such feeling of the heart is good if it supports the head and not the other way round.  When we let our hearts govern our head, then we will be in deep trouble and be blinded by the truth.  But if we have just the head and no heart, we are not real.

You see, God made us creatures with special feelings.  When we eat, we taste.  The eating part is the head leading, the tasting part is the heart feeling.  The eating is the action and the tasting gives meaning to the overall experience.  Eating without tasting is not real.  But we never let the tasting govern when we eat.  We eat when our head tells us to and the tasting makes the experience very pleasant and real.

Hence, you see, knowing God and not experiencing Him is not real.  We cannot say that we know God and yet don't experience Him.  I don't mean the feeling of awe because of a condition of the setting in a worship service or a sense of conviction during a powerful sermon.  I mean that in our everyday life that we need to experience God in a very real way.

That will be the time that you know what God is doing and what He will call you to do.  That experience will give you the sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit in your lives.  We are led by the Holy Spirit but many a times we are deluded to thinking that it's God the Holy Spirit leading when in actual fact, we want to do certain things so badly and hence, unconsciously conditioning our mind to thinking that it is God who wants us to do certain things.

Remember, it is not a mere feeling but a truth in the experience.  Perhaps you may think it strange to address something so abstract or that you think is already very real in your life.  Bear with me and you will soon see how you can truly experience God in your life in a very real way and it's not the feeling leading the head thing.
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