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Danbrook Family History


This is the official web site of the Danbrook Family history as culled from available sources and re-organized for web site viewing.. It is a listing of the descendants of that James Danbrook, born in 1788 in Darsham, Suffolk, England who emigrated to Canada. Many individuals in the ancestry bore the name James Danbrook. Care has been taken to distinguish them by birth dates. Every effort will be made to keep this site as up to date as possible. I will be happy to add, correct or update with any new information. For information or to report problems, please contact:




A huge thanks goes out to the work of the Danbrook Millenium Reunion Committee whose booklet is the primary source for this web-site. Without their preparatory work, this effort would not be possible. In 2000, the Committee prepared several tributes to George and Helen Danbrook and their three children - Marion, Ruth and James. These tributes were: a purchase of four metres of trans-Canada Trail and plaques; a booklet containing some family history, memories by the grandchildren of Helen and George, a genealogy; and an eighteen-month calendar with photos of the first and second generations. Thanks also to all the individuals who supplied names, dates and other details along the way.

This web-site is dedicated to the principal researchers of all this material: to Marie Gregor for her countless hours spent compiling the information; to Jean (Schell) Porter for keeping good records over the years; to Mrs. Kathy Meller for supplying the English genealogy; and to Harold Milton Danbrook for the 1900's information on the James William Danbrook branch of the family.



A distant "cousin" web site on the descendants of two other sons of James - William and George Danbrook - has just recently been located on the Internet. Check out Suzanne Schaller's interesting web site at: www.thetoybox.org/~eeyore/index.html


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For information on the Danbrook family in Suffolk County England, visit Peter Walker's home page at:




Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of living individuals, personal or contact information will be unavailable on this web site for relatives born after 1900 unless noted as having passed away. For information contact the webmaster at: morrow@mazinaw.on.ca


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