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Tidy Returns
Clean Up Service!
Nobody wants to return home after a blissful vacation to find tumbleweeds of cat fluff floating around their home.

As part of our continued effort to cater to our clients' needs, For Paws now offers our
FREE Tidy Returns Clean Up service. You can be assured that when you return home, the high traffic areas of your home will be free from stray litter and cat hair.

We may not be able to unpack your luggage and make a dent in your travel laundry, but you can be assured that you won't have to break out the vacuum when you walk in the door!

Just one moe way that For Paws is making your travelling a little easier!
Pretty Kitty
Cat Shaving Services
Tired of your cat's constant shedding? Do you have to budget for the amount of lint rollers you go through each month?
For Paws is now offering cat shaving services to keep your kitty looking pretty. No more worrying about matting; put an end to hairballs from excessive shedding.
Long haired, short haired, it doesn't matter - everyone can use a little grooming!
Fees start at $30 per grooming - contact us for more details.