News and Updates!

Dec 2000 -More historic newspaper articles addedand Directory of Veterans added.
Nov 2000 -Historic 1940 film footage of Battery Harris obtained!
Nov 2000 -New page about the historic flight of the NC-4 added.
Oct 2000 -Major web site update.
Jan 2000 -More historic newspaper articles and narrative reports of firing Battery Harris added.
Jan 2000 -Historic newspaper articles added.
Dec 1999 - Can you help us identify these "mystery photos".
Dec 1999 - New photos of the 16-inch gun at the Washington Navy Yard.
Dec 1999 - New photo of a M1900 6-inch gun firing at Fort Tilden.
Dec 1999 - New 1953 photo of the Breezy Point "Lighthouse" fire control tower added.
Dec 1999 - Shipwrecks of the Rockaways database and photos added to USLSS page.
Nov 1999 - Color photos of Battery Harris in 1999 added to replace earlier B&W photos.
Nov 1999 - Two photos of the prototype 16-in gun at Sandy Hook Proving Ground added.
Nov 1999 - New searchlight photos added.
Nov 1999 - New Battery Harris photos added.
Nov 1999 - New AA gun photos added.
Nov 1999 - New Page Added - 155mm Guns at Fort Tilden.
Nov 1999 - New Page Added - 6-inch Gun Technical Data.
Oct 1999 - New Page Added - U-boats Attack NY Shipping
Sep 1999 - New site address:
Sep 1999 - The Fire Control Tower at Breezy Point - Updated News
Sep 1999 - New Photo of NAS Rockaway - Circa 1919
Aug 1999 - War Diary of the Eastern Sea Frontier, Dec 1941- Sept 1943(Selected Excerpts Pertaining to NY Harbor)
Aug 1999 - The Anti-Motor-Torpedo-Boat Gun Battery at Rockaway Point
Jul 1999 - 12" Dummy Training Mortar Arrives at Fort Tilden 1