FOAH is headquartered at
The Battle of Lexington State Historic Site.

The Friends of the Anderson House are dedicated to the study and portrayal of the social and historical aspects of mid-19th century West Central Missouri River Valley culture.

Each member while representing the group shall:
Seek to serve the public, to be an ambassador for the site.
Seek to respect all visitors they come in contact with regardless of their age,gender, interests, physical abilities or cultural differences.
Seek to convey only well documented, accurate information.
Seek to improve their individual knowledge.

FOAH has no political agenda.
Membership is open to all who:

1. Agree to abide by the authenticity requirements set forth in the authenticity guidelines and by safety personnel

2. Serve a one year probationary period.

3. Agree that no illegal drugs or controlled substances will be tolerated. Further agree that any violation of this rule is grounds for immediate forfeiture of membership in the group.

4. Membership may be rescinded or denied by a majority vote of the membership.

Persons under 16 years of age may be members, but
they may not attend events unless a parent or
guardian is present throughout the event.

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This was the official flag of the patriot army of the state,  the Missouri State Guard

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Did you know that Missouri is the 12th star on the Confederate Flag.

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