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Workshops are offered from time to time that provide an overview of the basic ideas.


Introduction to the psychological ideas of the Work, including essence and personality, the possible states of human consciousness, the structure and function of the human machine, the science of human types, and obstacles to awakening.


Introduction to the cosmological ideas of the Work, including the Ray of Creation, the Law of Seven, the Law of Three, the Six Processes, and other laws we live under here on the Earth.

principles and practices

Introduction to the principles and practices of the Work, including aim, verification, self-observation, self-remembering, lines of work, requirements and circumstances, impressions, and suffering.


Introduction to techniques and resources regarding the Work, including what to watch for in groups, and recognizing errors.


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maurice nicoll

Psychological Commentaries, Volumes 1 through 5 with Index by Maurice Nicoll, MD
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cover of Psychological Commentaries

Every serious student needs to own this series of books.

This favorite set of books is frequently requested. Now republished after long being out of print, it is now available for online ordering at a substantial discount.

They are concerned with directly applying certain deep ideas to daily life. They are a valuable source for studying central work-ideas and their practical application in daily life. The Psychological Commentaries were written from Dr. Nicoll's own understanding of the teaching in its practical application to himself and to the members of his groups. In these papers the fundamental ideas of the System of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky are expounded with clarity so that help is given to the reader towards understanding the efforts required to reach that individual level of development indicated as the goal of all the Great Religions-attainable only by practical work on oneself.

new music

Symphony of Silence by Ben Dalby

Symphony of Silence CD

Enjoy songs from Symphony of Silence, the latest CD from Ben Dalby, a long-time friend of the Work.

Symphony of Silence (38 secs, 602 kb)

Are You Real (40 secs, 635 kb)

Day To Day (25 secs, 392 kb)

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