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Ferry Corsten






His first experience in DJing was when he was 15 years old at that time when he was playing at the school parties. Coming from Harbour city of The Netherlands, at the age of 17 he started to get interested in producing his own music. After that he started to equipped his studio with some dj stuff to start his producing-music of his own sounds. At 1991 Now at the age of 26 he became a well-known dj which is mostly dominant with the euro-trance style.

Ferry has produced some tracks under the names of Moonman, Gouryella, Veracocha, Marc Et Claude, Albion, and  System F which have produced the amazing tracks. The name Gouryella is actually coming from the together- project with DJ Tiesto. In February 1999 his single "Out Of The Blue" was making the hit at UK's Top 20 •••> and again the following single "Cry" was making the hit at UK's Top 20.

As the master mixer and remixer, Ferry has made some remixes tracks from the tracks of Art Of Trance's "Madagascar", System F's "Out Of The Blue - 5 am mix" (his own track) , Electrique Boutique's "Revelation" Ayla's "Ayla" and his latest track "Cry". He has done the awesome three edition of trance mix albums that contain many tracks of trance stuff.

And he has just finishing his new debut album entitled "Out Of The Blue". 

In October 1999, Ferry was elected as "Producer Of The Year" during the Ericsson Muzik Award in London. On May 2000, Ferry has won the best remix award for William Orbit's "Adagio For Strings" from the Dancestar 2000 award. He has also worked with the likes of Faithless, U2, Space Brothers, and William Orbit (Barber's Adagio For Strings). And as a DJ, he has played for the clubs in around the world, from Holland, UK, US, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan. Holland has been the most memorable gig for him in last December, where there were 30,000 people on the dance floor and the music was lead by him. 

Besides Trance and Dance Music stuff, he also like to tune to the Cafe Del Mar stuff, the classical stuff make chill.


<••• Original, remixes, and cooperative (w/ other Djs)  tracks •••>
• System F - Out Of The Blue (original 12" mix) •
• System F - Out Of The Blue (system f 5 am mix) •
• Gouryella - Gouryella •
• Gouryella - Walhalla (original mix) •
• Galaxia - Mooman •
• Moonman - Don't Be Afraid •
• Art Of Trance - Madagascar •
• Pulp Victim - The world '99 (moonman remix) •
• Ayla - Ayla (veracocha mix) •
• Binary Finary 1999 - Gouryella Mix •
• Electrique Boutique - Revelation (ferry corsten mix) •
• Push Universal Nation '99 - Ferry Corsten remix •
• William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings (ferry corsten mix) •
• System F - Cry •
• Star Party - I'm In Love (ferry corsten & robert smith) •
• Whatever (Ferry Corsten Vocal Ext. Mix) - Ayumi Hamasaki •
• Air 2000 - Albion (Oliver Lieb Remix)
• System F - Lost In Motion (Original Mix) •
• Marc Et Claude - I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) Ferry Corsten Remix •
• Gouryella - Tenshi •

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