What the Funk!? was formed on or around January 5th or 6th of 2004. Elia was contacted by Mr. Pat Kisor to fill a slot in his Band Challenge, which Elia assembled a band to do, from the members of the Nick Fields Five(+1). We had an insane frenzied week of practices and placed 3rd of four. A week later, the same thing happened, only with Grant subbing for Nick on drums, and Plona singing, it didn’t go so well, and we lost to the Gay Vultures, by 7 votes, for 4th place. We had a lot of talks along the lines of, we didn’t really suck too bad for playing together a week and a half, and decided to continue playing.

Elia (bass, vox) –
Elia kind of tells everybody what to do and tries to prevent utter chaos, so he sometimes goes by “Gary.” He grew up in West Chester and then in Montgomery, and tries to keep his ears open. He’s 16 and likes hot pants. He plays a Squire bass with groovy tapewound strings, a Rogue fretless, a cheap harmonica, or the school’s vintage Fender P-Bass. He is currently amp-less.

Nick (drums) -

Jamie (guitar) -
Name: Jamie
Birthdate: 2/13/88
Birthplace: Cincinnati
Favorite bands: The Funky Meters, JB, SRV, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Christian, Django Reinhardt
Equipment: 2002 Gibson ES-135, 1973 Fender Princeton Reverb, Morley Wah/Volume

Zim (keys, vox) -
Daniel Zimmer is one funkin' Jew. his superpowers include: being an annoying freshman, talking incessantly, and playing piano. He also makes a mean bowl of ramen noodle soup and enjoys sushi and hot tubbing.

Plona (trumpet, vox) -
Name: Jonathan Edward Plona
Occupation: Full-time slack-off
Instrument: Mainly trumpet
Gear: My Bach Stradivarius silver trumpet with mouthpiece and assorted other crap that came with it, my dexterous fingers, my skillful tongue, and my amazing lips, all of which I use to the fullest extent. Playing the Bach, of course.
Distinguishing features: I’m the big tall one holding a loud shiny piece of metal.

Eric (alto or bari sax) - It's Eric, your resident band nerd. Playing music is just the one thing I enjoy doing the most, even if I complain about it sometimes. I mostly like listening to classical and jazz music (hence being a band nerd), but there's plenty of other music I listen to if I like it. You can usually find me lurking around the band room after school since I have nothing better to do. Interests include Chemistry, Physics, Music (duh) and just generally having fun.

Gear: Alto Sax, Chainsa-- I mean Bari sax, plus just
about any other instrument I can get my grubby paws

Ethan (bone) -

Sam (alternate trumpet) -
Freshman, 15, born in Cincinnati, OH, pretty cool guy. Spend most of my time playing trumpet, practicing lax, doing school stuff and hangin with friends, and recently practicing with WTF!
I play a Bach strativarius: “although, my trumpet is about 16 or 17 years old, so it's seen better days, but i like to think of it as the ‘ghetto bling’”

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