4/1 - No joke, we have a show coming up on the 9th. We definitely need some people to show up at this show if we want to have a chance. Plus some new pics are up, from the Rockdale Temple show.

3/15 - Another snow day update. We have a show coming up on the 9th of April, at Pulse again. We are official entries in the battle this time, so come out and see us if you get a chance. As soon as Jamie gets off his lazy ass, we will have another set of buttons in. Maybe they will be stickers, I don't know.

2/1 - WTF buttons are in! They are super-sexy, 1 inch across, and they have the drums-and-horns logo from this site on them. They are $0.25, contact anyone in the band if you want one.

1/26 - Ok, snow day today. Dude, the site is up now, and is mostly done, so a big thanks to Igor for his work. We kicked ass or blew last Thursday night, depending on if you went to the Rock or Pulse, but thanks for coming to everyone who did. Buttons and stickers are on order, so email me if you want some! They will probably be a dollar for both, or 75 cents or some reasonable price. We haven't seen the product yet, so we don't know.

Made by Igor @ TheKlinik.net