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Funny Lists:
Top 10- If a woman had a penis for a day
Top 10- If a man had a vagina for a day
Top 30- Harsh things to say to a naked guy
Top 50- Ways to annoy your roommate
Top 30- Ways to confuse Santa
Top 10- Reasons why E-mail is like a penis
Top 30- Ways to cope with stress
List of viruses to look out for
Top 15- Slogans rejected by Motel 6
Top 10- Things to do in an elevator
Top 30- Why it's great to be a man
Top 10- Reasons to go to work naked
Top 10- Reasons for not exercising
Have you ever wondered why....
Top 50- Ways to scare people in the Computer Lab

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Listing of small jokes (20 jokes)


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