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Baby doesn't stop drooling!

Baby Ry is getting bigger every day. However she is a drooler! She is rolling around (well a little, at least back and forth) and seems like she will be crawling in no time.

Indoor Soccer:

Both Branton and Avery are playing indoor soccer this spring. It has started and underway.

B had his first indoor soccer game. I think he was a little out of shape but this was his first sports event since last fall. He played very well and even got a goal. Nice job B!


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The boat is winterized. Till next year.

April Birthdays:

  • Apr 17th - Chad
  • Apr 21st - Alex
  • Apr 25th - Rob
  • Apr 28th - Jacob

April Anniversaries:

  • Apr 8th - Bobby and Sam

Holidays for April:

  • Apr 1st - April Fools Day
  • Apr 24th - Passover
  • Apr 29th - Arbor Day

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Our baby girl
Our baby girl
Our baby girl
Our baby girl
Branton at football
Studley Avery
Avery at soccer
The boys at the wave pool
All of us
Branton and Avery at the state fair

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