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Welcome plane
This is Skylight's World

Fellow netsurfers, this is your humble captain speaking.

True Style Award 1998And before you proceed any further, I am pleased to announce that this humble spaceship has been awarded the
True Style Award
by Stacie's Designs.
True Style Award 1998

Welcome to the spaceship. You can now untie your seat belts 'coz we have left the gavitational field of planet Earth and are now racing towards Skylight galaxy. Have a wonderful trip aboard the starship and enjoy the in-flight service!

We will take some time now to tell you more about this mysterious 'Skylight'. This programme (which, by the way, is an original production) deals with Skylight's interests and other Earthly delights. So sit back and relax, and let your mind take over your body across this cosmic tour.

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