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Spoofing the spoofmasters.

My Music
My own attempts at songwriting.  mp3s not available.

Album Reviews
Some albums I've taken the time to listen to and rate.  What do you think?

Music Interviews
Supporting Philippine independent music (and major label players)!

Gig Articles
Some gig's I've covered, usually underground and quite enjoyable.

My Work
Some poetry, a little fiction, and a lot of chutzpah.

Mere Writers
Freelance writers' organization. 
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I am not much.  But I am.

My contact information.

Some other websites I think are phat.

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This part of the site is still under heavy construction.  They will be divided into certain areas, though, and you can check them out below. 

Mondegreens.   When this part of the site is up, you'll be able to view misheard lyrics in English and Filipino.

Politics.  Let us skewer those who are skewering our money.  Amen. 

Philippine jokes.  Speaks for itself.

Miscellaneous.  For jokes that don't quite fall into the above categories.

My Mother Taught Me...