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Philippine music and culture is a varied cornucopia of sights, scenes and colours.  The following websites come highly recommended.  Do drop by and take a look.

ANNEX.  The person homepage of Candice Lopez, Annex features a clean design and content ranging from poetry to a heart-on-one's-sleeve journal.  The manager of stellar Filipino indie acts Imago and Sugar Free, Candice and her website are certainly forces to be reckoned with.

PINOYEXCHANGE.COM.  The Philippines' largest online community and bulletin, has gone from a little UAAP side-project to one of the most eclectic online services for Filipinoas worldwide.  Ganns moderates the Music and Radio forum, as well as Love, Family and Friends.

CYNTHIA ALEXANDER.  Guitar Goddess.  She is the reason why I follow independent music.  To have a tenth of a tenth of her talent is to be blessed.  Genius, genius, genius.  I worship.

ITCHYWORMS.  Talented college band has finally branched out into the mainstream.  Deliciously accessible sound.

MAKILING ENSEMBLE.  I do not kid you.  World-class world music.  The debut album, "Medyo Modern," is pure sonic poetry at its finest.

FATAL POSPOROS.  The country's premiere three-lady rock group, Donna, Kris and Annette have made quite a name of their quirky lyrics and yummy sound.


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