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You are greatly missed


1920 - 2005

My web site for displaying my action figure and toy customs, and other such projects.
For all kinds of stuff now. I don't get around to doing much customizing :-/

Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel

Star Wars


Misc. projects

Other stuff:


MySpace page

My custom Rogue Moog carry case

Buffy Vulkon - Tampa, FL 2003

My Halloween fun - 2003

My Halloween fun - 2004

A WinAmp visualization file that I made

Some links:

Something Positive -- a great web comic

Spamusement -- "poorly drawn [comics] inspired by actual spam subject lines!" Great stuff!

Jade's X-Men: Evolution Rogue costume -- She did an awesome job making this outfit!

Smurfs - Lost Episode

I don't normally do this, advertising and such. But please sign the petition to have the original versions of the Star Wars trilogy released on DVD. Check that site for all the info. Basically, George Lucas does not plan to release the original versions of the old movies most of us grew up loving...

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