This site contains lots of photographs of backyard birds. From time to time, I'll add different QuickTime movies that will show alot of these birds in action with sight and sounds of my backyard. Many of the birds are so close up, you'll think you're looking out my kitchen window.

Click here for ready-made coloring and fact sheets on most of the birds found on this site.

Click here to see some of the small birds that visit our feeders.

Click here and you will see a few of the larger birds that gather around the base of our feeders.

A Black Capped Chickadee has just landed on one of our feeders Click here, softly so you don't disturb him.

Click here to see a Red Bellied Woodpecker up close.

If you would like to see a QuickTime movie on these small birds, Click here.

Here's another website of mine that you might enjoy visiting if you like butterflies. Click on the butterfly

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This site was revised on March 19, 2008