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"The autumn day was crisp and clear,
when men who fought for those held dear,
with banners taunt and lances high,
readied themselves to kill and die.
While from the pass a dark wind blew,
in which, lost souls screamed and flew."
-excerpt from The Battle of Cunrig's Passs,
by Volker the Mad Fiddler

  Welcome to Volker's Training Grounds

Last updated on May 2nd, 2005.

Added: A narrative battle report. Empire vs. Mortal Chaos, 750 points AND a link to the Library of Battle [the NEW battle report archive for Warhammer fantasy battles].

Welcome all ye generals of the old world. Here ye will find much to aid thee, so that ye may avoid looking like the unfortunate character above.

The Colleges Of Magic

Tales from the field of battle
5th edition or 6th edition

The new, the strange, the different
(additions to the Warhammer world)

The Parade Ground
(Sample Army Lists)

The Fiddler's Tales
(Original Warhammer Fiction

"Did you hear the one about the drunken halfing?"

Images- Minis painted by yours truly.

Flags and Banners

Great page, but I'm a Dark Elf

The Library of Altdorf

If for some reason you want to contact me, just call for Volker the Mad Fiddler.


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