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Hi Ashley   If You See This I Love You:- )
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Kittie.tkThis site is about Kittie and all of it's Ex-Members.I think that people should know about Kittie afteral they are a good band.While in my site you should Sing my guestbook,Check out the pictures, And also check out my StoneSour site if you like them to it is called, ya and hey pleaste dont go to my guestbook and leave shit,well if you have to the do it but if you dont please do not.I dont go to you site and leave a bunch of shit in it do I.I dont think so and if i do im sorry.

You should check out it is a good slipknot site if you like slipknot that is.If you want to know more about me then check out my Me Site click on the link that says "All About Me".Check out my pictures of kittie but please dont take them if people do i will have to put on all of them and that will not be good now will it.If any thing on my site makes you mad or you think i should take off then tell me and i might take it off the site and i will say im sorry.If you sign my guestbook the please put your name so i know who you are so i can give you credet for what you put there ok. Thankx A Bunch Gary Neal