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History: #gary (Undernet) is the first registered Gary Barlow
              channel on IRC.  It was registered on Sat, 6 Dec 1997
              12:28:18 (CST). It was an instant registration without
              planning.   We were busy chatting when the idea
              suddenly popped up. With the help from everyone to
              be the channel's supporters we finally managed to
              register #gary with MissJ as the channel manager.
              MissJ and I would like to thank G-girl, Luba, Dacil,
              ToadGrrrl, Krisssss, Jafra, Shani, Gary, Anne and Reyny
              for. And my personal thank you to MissJ for the effort
              in registering not only the #gary channel but also
              setting some of us to become the #gary's operators.

             #gary is a special channel for all Gary fans.  You're
              welcomed to join us in the weekly chat where the
              time zones are sent to GBML every week.  Make sure
              to check out the two time zones.

What Is IRC?:   IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". IRC is a
                       multi-user chat system, where people meet on
                       Channels (rooms, virtual places, usually with a
                       certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups,
                       or privately. There is no restriction to the
                       number of people that can participate in a
                       given discussion, or the number of channels that
                       can be formed on IRC.

How Do I Get On IRC?:   First, you must have a copy of mIRC
                                      installed into your computer.

Where To Download mIRC?:

How Do I Install mIRC?:    Save the mIRC in a directory and
                                         then run the programme by clicking
                                         it twice. The mIRC will install
                                         itself.   After installation, you have
                                         to specify some personal
                                         information before you can connect
                                         to an IRC server.

What To Specify?:   The first time you run your mIRC
                                programme you have to fill in some
                                information. There're "IRC Server", "Local
                                Info", "Options", "Identd" and "Firewall".
                                You just need to choose the server in "IRC
                                Server".  The other information will fill in

What's In "IRC Server"?:    You've to fill in your name, e-mail
                                        address, nick name, alternative nick
                                        name and the IRC server that you
                                        want to connect. DON'T put your
                                        real name and e-mail address.
                                        Create one. For example :

                                                  Real Name : gbml
                                        E-mail address :
                                        Nick Name : gbml
                                        Alternative Nick Name : gbmlchat

                                                  The IRC server is the server that
                                        you want to connect. There're a lot
                                        of IRC Servers such as Undernet,
                                        IRCnet, DALnet and etc. You've to
                                        connect to Undernet.

How Do I Get To #gary?:    Remember that you've to choose
                                          the UNDERNET server (eg :
                                          UNDERNET : US, IL, CHICAGO)
                                          and then click "connect to IRC
                                          server". Once you're connected
                                          type "/join #gary" (without
                                          apostrophe) and you're ready to

When's The Weekly Chat?:    There're two time zones.
                                             Time Zone #1 is for every 1st
                                             and 3rd week of the month.
                                             While time zone #2 is for every
                                             2nd and 4th week of the month.
                                             The weekly chat will take place
                                             every weekend (Saturday/
                                             Sunday) depending where're you


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