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The first Gary Barlow WebRing was launched on 5 December 1997.

The WebRing : The purpose of this webring is to gather all Gary Barlow websites into a big circle, connected to each other like the circle of life for easy navigation.

I foresee that Gary Barlow websites will increase in years to come and it is important to start and to integrate all these websites into one big family so none of them are left out. The webring will be a comprehensive collections of all Gary Barlow's websites!

Am I Qualified To Join : Your site is qualified to join the webring as long as it's about Gary Barlow and *nothing* else.

Okay, My Site Is Qualified.  How Do I Register? : Glad that you asked! Use this form to register but before that please read on first.

Owner's Name :
Site Title :
Site URL :
E-mail :

Password :
Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords : Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description : Enter a short description of your site.

Note: Even though you've registered your site, it's NOT automatically added to the ring yet. It's in queque. I'm the only person that can add you into the webring. When you register you'll receive an ID# (more details on how to use your ID). ID# is just a number. It doesn't matter if your ID is 100 or 1. I've programmed the webring to rotate all numbers. Fair and square.

What Should I Do Next? : Another good question! See, you're doing very well (so far). After registering your site and get an ID# please click "Back" to come back to this site!

You HAVE to copy and paste the HTML code (below) and put it onto your registered site! So COPY and PASTE this html code onto your site :

<table border="8" width="100%">
<td width="40%"><a href=""><tt><img
src="" border="0" width="335" height="160">
<td width="40%"><font color="#22165A"><tt>This site is owned by <a
href="mailto:_your%20e-mail%20address_">_your name_</a>. <br>
Click for the <br>
[ <a href=";id=_your site ID_;next">Next
Page </a>| <a
href=";id=_your site ID_;skip">Skip
it </a>| <a
href=";id=_your site ID_;next5">Next
5 </a>| <a
href=";id=_your site ID_;prev">Previous
Site </a>| <a
href=";id=_your site ID_;sprev">Skip
Previous Site </a>| <a
href=";id=_your site ID_;random">Random
Site </a>] <br>
Want to join the ring? Click <a href="">here</a>
for info. </tt></font></td>

Note: Refer the HTML code!  You will have to replace _YOUR NAME_(occurs once), _YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS_(occurs once) and _YOUR ID SITE_ (occurs six times) with their respective values.

If your site is using frames please put "target=_top" variable in the link to break out from the frames.

Your Gary Barlow WebRing should look exactly like the one at the bottom (way down) :

What's Next After I've Put The HTML Code Onto My Website? : I'll check out your site to make sure everything (the link, your e-mail, your id site) is correct. Then I'll ADD you to the ring and notify you through e-mail.

Note : You've two weeks to put the HTML code onto your website. Should you fail to do so your application will be terminated and you've to re-register again!

Hey!  You Forgot About The ID# Thing! : Phew! I almost forgot! Thanks! Use your ID# and your password to edit your site's information. Here's the form.

Site ID No :
Password :

I suggest that you bookmark this site to edit your site's information in the future.  Should you need any assistance on this webring please contact me at


This site is owned by your name.
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