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The Burnash Family
Missionaries to Colombia

Welcome to our new homepage.  Here is where we will keep you up to date on our progress to getting on the mission field, support raising, current events, etc.  This is where you will also be able to find information about us personally, the ministries that we are working with, Latin America Mission- our sending agency, our recent trip to Bogota, and more.  Our site is growing so don't hesitate to return later.  If you have any ideas or comments, please feel free to post them on the message board or send me an email.  Thanks!

Pictures and journal from our recent trip are available on the photos page!




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Many people do not realize that the number one reason missionaries leave the mission field, and the work that God has called them to do, is due to education worries and problems for their children.  Missionaries often have a choice of homeschooling or sending their children away to boarding school.  For many families neither is a viable option, and if they leave the area that they were working is denied their valuable service.

God has called us to help.  Through a partnership with Latin America Mission and El Camino Academy (a school established for missionary kids) we will be able to provide them with a quality education while freeing their parents to do the ministry that they have been called to do.  This means that through our teaching at El Camino we will be directly supporting and helping to continue churches, schools, drug and homeless rehab homes, job training centers, and ministries to street children.

Addtionally we will be reaching the local people of Bogota.  Many of the students at El Camino are native Colombians.  Additionally we will  be working with the local churches as well as a ministry to the street children and children of prostitutes, including homes for many of those kids.

To learn more about us and and work, please use the links in the directory.  And if you would like to join us as a supporter- prayer or financial- please sign up for our email list below and check out our support page for more detail.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, etc, please don't hesitate to email us.  We would love to hear from you!!

Several pages updated June 1st and 4th.  Pictures from out trip are coming online each day to.

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