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20080107 - AltPE 0.9.27.

20080107 - AltMP 1.3.13.

20070106 - Updated AltPE code library - lots of new code published !.

20030402 - New: MIDIThru 2.0.2 (468KB), a tool to enhance the connection of MIDI input to MIDI output (MIDI commands routing) on a PC allowing for the usage of the sound card synth as renderer of MIDI input coming from a MIDI keyboard or wind controller. This application has been tested with a Roland keyboard and several sound cards and was initially developed in 1996 for driving a AWE32 sound card wavetable synth with a MIDI keyboard controller. Allows the splitting of the input controller by up to 3 MIDI channels each one driving a different program.
Also new today a slightly enhanced AltMP 1.3.7.

20030217 - Dic/DicPro V3 dictionaries have been released (in beta state as usual). This time Russian was enlarged (Esperanto base merged with data derived from free English/German<->Russian dictionaries also available as extras). Also Polish, Hungarian and Turkish languages were added but some of Polish and Turkish characters had to be adjusted to a simpler form for compatibility ! The base Esperanto dictionaries are now finally available !
Dic/DicPro extra dictionaries have also been added (at this time 3 [English, German and Swedish] free Russian dictionaries whose source is available from here).

20030205 - red eyes photo retouching - Red-Eye AltPE plug-in 1.0.2 (beta).


20030128 - A new version (0.9.8) of DicPro with state saving, better big file support and extended indexing/searching.
Dic/DicPro V2.1 dictionaries have been released (in beta state as usual).
Dic/DicPro extra dictionaries have been added (at this time only a big Spanish/German GPL'd dictionary by Cristina Dorf).

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