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Wham! You've hit Night of the Living '80s, the most ass-kickingest '80s website in the world! Ahhhh, the eighties! Great TV, badass music, bodacious cars, cool movies and an easygoing demeanor that was lost somewhere around 1991. There's lots of radical memories to be found on this puppy. And, if you want some different nostalgia, try my The Late '70s: Almost As Cool As the '80s page and my Oh, Those Terrible Early '90s page. Night of the Living '80s is now redesigned and ready to form Voltron! It looks a hell of a lot better, and Megathrusters are go. I guess that the redesign is not that big of a deal anymore since it has been more than a year, but I still love what I wrote there.

The Interesting-Ass '80s Picture of the Week-and-a-Half (IAEPOTWAAH) is large, in charge, and ready for your perusal.

You have no choice but to visit my Early '90s MX Gear Hate Page or you will be damned to repeat the hideous motocross fashion mistakes of the past decade. Now you can enjoy the gallons of neon with your favorite early '90s motocross racers.

Night of the Living '80s Radio has now entered Phase III of development.  The homeowners' association has decreed that all garage doors will be open between 6 and 7:30 and that old metal will rule the entire subdivision.

Well, they went and did it. The Night of the Living '80s Yahoo Club was converted into a Yahoo Group. The jury's still out on whether it's an improvement, but I am not going to put exclamation points on the word Yahoo after this. That will show them! You don't even need a Yahoo ID to reap the benefits.

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