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  Track & Field Athletics Australia    by Graham Thomas 

Welcome to Athletics Gold

Olympic Champion - Steve HookerUPDATE 10 February 2009

Steve Hooker has started off the New Year with a bang, becoming the first Australian male athlete to have a chance at a world record in the pole vault.

Sally McLellan has also broken Australian records in her first competitions.

Will Jana Rawlinson and Nathan Deakes be able to retain their World Championships? Can Dani Samuels and our throwers step up? Will Lapierre or one of our always promising Long Jumpers break through? How about our Men's 400m squad including hurdler Tristan Thomas?? The Melbourne and Sydney meets and the Nationals are just a few weeks away.

2009 Season's Records for Australian athletes. 

For 2009 Aussie rankings, try Paul Jenes' lists at the AA site
The IAAF publishes World Lists.


 ON THIS DAY - The History of Aussie Athletics

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