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  Track & Field Athletics Australia    by Graham Thomas 

Track & Field Championships

Decima Norman with Jean Coleman and Eileen Wearne - Top sprinters of 1938 This page contains information and links about track and field championships.

Items are added and updated as regularly as possible - time permitting

Research into older years is currently on hold but there's still plenty for track nuts.

Eventually I will publish more of my unofficial History of the National Championships, which at the moment is incomplete.

For the time being, check out the nationals features:

  • 1914 National Championship - Holly Mace wins the Championship Shield after wins in three events.

  • 1930 National Championships - the first real women's titles

  • 1940 National Championships - Decima Norman stars

  • 1960 National Championships - The Golden Girl returns

  • 2000 Olympic Trials - Special Previews & Results

  • 2001 National Championships - almost live web casts

I also have some State Championship results on-line:

New South Wales
- Victoria - Queensland  

South Australia
- Tasmania - Western Australia

You might also be interested in my feature on all those Australian Medallists at international championships.

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