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Keep the Fire Burning: Leviticus 6:8-13 Developing a Prayer Team for your Workplace  
How to start, develop, and sustain a prayer team in your workplace. Taught at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove in Asheville, NC
Basics of Intercession  
How, when, where to pray. What is an intercessor? What intercessors do, how to know if you are one.
 Spiritual Warfare Issues in the letter to the Romans   
Does the book of Romans say anything about principalities and powers?
Anna & Simeon: Intercessors for the Nations (Luke 2:21-40)
How Anna and Simeon are models of worshiping prayer warriors for the nations -- and what we can learn from them.
The power of God's prophetic Word: 1 Samuel 5-7
Strongholds & Strategies
What is a stronghold?  What are some strategies for dealing with strongholds?
Importance of City-wide Pastors Prayer Groups
Based on the shepherds in Luke 2, why pastors in a locale need to gather to pray for their areas.
Breastplate of Saint Patrick - A warfare prayer What the Bible Says about Secret Societies
Personal spiritual warfare: deliverance & inner healing
Importance of corporate repentance Reconciliation: A Powerful Weapon in Spiritual Warfare   
Reconciliation is a hot topic these days with nearly everyone, Christian and secular.  Here is a new understanding of what reconciliation does to the enemy in the spiritual realm and how it does it.
Reconciliation: How it works in the spiritual realm  
Why unity in the Body of Christ is so important and how reconciliation opens the door for transformation of our communities, ourselves, and our neighbors.
How to Pray Concerning the War on Terror  
Practical prayer suggestions for prayer regarding the worldwide war on terrorism from 2 Kings 6.
Integrating History and Cosmology: A Case Study of W.T. Sherman's March Through Georgia and the Carolinas
An investigation of the spiritual undertones to Sherman's March from a distinctively Christian perspective.
North/South USA Reconciliation Issues
Hope for exposing and healing this most fundamental of American wounds.
Prayer Ministry Case Study
A demon behind one bush for sure.
Prayer Ministry Case Study Consultation
Prayer & Reconciliation Links
Links to other sites with a focus on prayer, intercession, and reconciliation


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