Mudshipping/Flameshipping Vs. Steamshipping/Valeshipping

Updated October 18th, 2003

Triad say: It time for more e-mail. Let's get right down to it. Mia, do your thing.
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Dear Triad,

I dunno if you noticed, but there have been a lot more Isaac/Jenna and Garet/Mia fics in the Golden Sun section lately. I think this is mostly due to two scenes in The Lost Age: The Jenna blushing scene in Madra and the Jupiter Lighthouse scene (Where Mia falls into a trap and Garet tries to save her but makes things worse). Most people seem to be drawing their couplings from those scenes alone, without taking GS1 into account. So... can you find some way to shoot those couples down? Oh, and I'll duel any of you ANYTIME! That includes you, Triad, and Garet. I'll take on anyone! As long as Yami Yugi doesn't topdeck Exodia again.

Crapfully yours, the resident rabid Laker fan,

PS Don't even get me started on the San Antonio Spurs unless you have no regard for your mental health.

Ah, the ever popular I/M and G/J vs. I/J and G/M battle. Well, I have to honestly say here: The way Camelot pulled both Golden Sun games off, I think they made it intentionally ambiguous about who falls for who. A lot of the answer rests on interpretation. However, I have been and always will be an ardent and stubborn Mudshipper and almost an equally ardent Flameshipper. Ok, a lot of people are overlooking the stuff in Golden Sun and looking solely at TLA. Ok, you just can't do this. All right, we'll take this from the top.

In Golden Sun, it is a lot easier to prove a relationship with Garet and Jenna rather than with Isaac and Mia, considering our little friend Isaac cannot talk. All right. One of the major Garet/Jenna arguments is the fact in the scene shortly after the boulder where Garet and Jenna are alone together. You can see quite a bit of flirting there, and the line by Garet, "Are you mad at me?" is more commonly seen in a relationship, not a friendship. Generally, in a lot of friendships, you don't see that blantant of a line, but it's quite common in an actual relationship. As well, Garet's sense of rushed urgency to find Jenna is worth pointing out. Although it's argued that Garet's simply speaking for Isaac, you can see a forcefulness in Garet's tone. It's him that wants to find Jenna so very badly. I mean, saying stuff like, "Isaac! We've gotta find Jenna!" in his own really urgent voice while everyone else remains calm is also a point. Jenna is really on Garet's mind throughout the adventure.

Now, for Isaac and Mia in Golden Sun. This relationship is a tad more subtle than Garet/Jenna, and it's more of a function of things Mia does not say directly. The person Mia addresses most seems to be Isaac. When she does address Garet, she seems to either be correcting him or scolding him. Really, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of warmth there to me. And Garet hardly seems to return any good humor to Mia, either. She addresses Ivan even less often, and it's the same the other way around. Mia also seems to trust Isaac more than anyone else in the group, possibly because she addresses Isaac more frequently. The more direct actions of possible I/M is the Colosso incident. After Isaac basically passes out from exhaustion, she seems to show more relief than even Garet does that the Venus Adept is okay. The amount of smiling she does can indicate this. As well, when Isaac regains himself, we find Mia scolding Garet for bereting the exhausted Isaac. This kind of defensive move is again, not common in friendships but is more common when someone exerts a crush, especially when you're scolding the best friend of the person that you're defending. It's impossible to see Isaac's point of view in the original Golden Sun, solely because he doesn't talk.

Now, in TLA, the whole Jenna blushing sequence can be interpreted in several different ways. Obviously it can be interpreted that Jenna has a crush on Isaac, which could very well be a possibility. However, one could also argue because she refers to "Garet and the others", she has a thing for Garet and Sheba could've simply embarassed her. It could also be possible that Jenna likes both Isaac and Garet, making this scene even more argumentative. Based on Jenna's personality, she doesn't seem like the kind of girl who would hide those kind of feelings from the someone she liked. Then again, Camelot's infamous way of churning this out allows people to make interpretations.

Next, there's that little Garet scene at the Lighthouse. Well, I personally have not gotten that far as of the writing of the article, but I have consulted someone who has, and I can draw my own assumptions based on just knowledge of the characters and human nature. Isaac, Garet, Ivan, and Mia had all been travelling together for a long time by the point they reached the Jupiter Lighthouse. While it can be argued exactly how long they were out adventuring, it would be a safe bet to guess about a year, based on the fact that they've transversed entire continents together. Now, imagine how close you'd be to your three best friends after travelling together for that long and depending on each other to help one another. Wouldn't anyone with a good heart try to save a friend in danger? Don't you think it would be just as likely for Garet to try to save Isaac or Ivan compared to Mia? I don't know about a lot of everyone else out there, but if I could try to save the life of my best friend I'd do it. Can't you apply the same thing to the Lighthouse incident? You have to remember, although Garet is a bumbler, he has a heart of gold. That can't be denied. It's obvious that'd he stick his neck out for his friends. Am I that far off? I don't think so, but that's me.

You challenge me, What? Very well. Dark Magician! In Attack Mode! *Dark Magician appears and Dark Magic Attacks What*
Yami! What have I told you about blasting the writers?!
Only do it if they're trying excessively to push Garet/Mia and/or they are RS.
This e-mail was neither! It was an I/M email! What is cool. Anyway, that's my whole two cents on the issue at hand. Care to give some more evidence to support my arguement? Send it to Triad and give the Subject Line "Evidence" or something of the like. Screenshots of quotes are welcome. Until then, remember to e-mail Triad. This is the author, signing off.

Okay, hold the phones. We have two e-mails here in support of my arguement. One is from Midnight C and the other is from Omniflyer. Before we go there, I'd like to say thanks to them for coming in to help further my point. Okay, take your pick of which to read first.

Midnight C's E-mail
Omniflyer's E-mail

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