The Lions Association was begun by Chicago insurance man who the
Business Circle, a businessmen's luncheon group. This group was one of
many at that time devoted solely to promoting the financial interest of their
membership. Because of their limited appeal, they were destined to disappear.
Melvin Jones, however had other plans.
"What if these men," he asked,
"who are successful  because of their drive, intelligence and ambition,
were to put their talents to work improving their communities?"

Thus at his invitation,  delegates from men's clubs met in Chicago to lay the
groundwork for  such an organisation and on June 7, 1917
Lions Clubs
International was born.
It was under his dianamic leadership that Lions
clubs earned the prestige necessary to attract civic - minded men.

Linism's founder was also recognised as a leader outside the association.
One of his greatest honours was in 1945 when he represented Lions Clubs
International  as a consultant in San Fransisco, California at the organisation
of theUnited Nations.  Melvin Jones the man whoes personal code,

became a guiding
principal for public - spirited people the world over.

How the "Lions" name was Chosen

On June 7, 1917 at the invitation of Melvin Jones 20 delegates from various
parts  of the   United States representing diffrent cluns, met in the East Room
of the LaSalle Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. The meeting went smoothly and a
concensus  developed favouring the formation of an Association. The only point
contention at this  meeting was the selection of a name for the new organization.
Melvin Jones  had researched the idea of calling the new organization Lions.
He was convinced that  the LION stood for strength, courage, fidelity and vital
action.  On a secret ballot the name Lions was chosen over several others.

In 1919 there was a move to change the symbol of the Association. But at a
luncheon on the first day of the 1919 Chicago Concention a yong Denver,
Colorado attorney rose to speak. His name was Halsted Ritter and the message
he gave to the assembled delegates has become part of the fabric of Lionism.

"The name Lions," he said, "stands not alone for faternity, good
fellowship, strength of character and purpose, but above all its combination
of letters. LIONS heralds to the country the true meaning of citizenship:
Write it on your banners, Lions, it in your hearts;
hold high that eveyone may see, the magic electrifying letters."

When Ritter sat down the name LIONS was securely established and later,
his spelling out of the letters was adopted as the Association's slogan.

The Emblem

The large letter "L" standing for Law-Liberty-Labour-Loyalty-Love-Life-Lions;
on a  circle representing Lions and Lions Clubs all bound together in to one;
Lions profiles looking two ways, representing a Lion looking in every direction
looking for an opportunity to give unselfish service, with the word "LIONS"
at the top representing the Association, and the word "INTERNATIONAL" at
the bottom indicating it as an International Association. An unwritten
obligation of Lions is to wear and display his emblem with pride.

Since 1917, Lions have served the world's population through hard work and
commitment to make a diffrence in the lives of people everywhere.
With 1.4 million members serving in more then 44,500 clubs in over 186
countries and geographical areas, Lions Clubs International is the wrorld's
largest service clubs organization.

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How Lionism came in to existance
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