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Hey Guys!
this is an interactive Gilda Radner site. so submit things!!! and ill post your entries :)
im getting ready to make a fan fiction section so if you have a good fan fic about gilda (a fictional gilda story) type it up in the box below!!! thanks! enjoy!!
Gilda Lives!
the day weve all been waiting for added the JANE link to links page :)
added a ton of submissions from CJ and lacey thanks a bunch girlies. so the following pages have been updated: links, The lamb award, flowers for gilda, AIM names, and some other ones that i cant remember right now lol. also i added the all about me page in case you were wondering who the heck i was lol have fun!
added a tagboard woop woop :)
added minor changes and submissions to almost every page :)
sorry its been awhile added a new fanfic new flowers submission and a new award winner!
once again it has been awhile since ive updated but i added a ton of submissions in almost every page and changed the color scheme!
i found the cutest pic of chevy and gilda. i love it!
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all about me!
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im starting a new section for frequently asked questions if you have a question about me, this site, gilda, or SNL in general submit it below!