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Gimme My Stars is a message board at The Motley Fool financial Web site. When you reach a certain number of messages posted, you will receive a "token of Foolish achievement." This token is represented by a star. The more messages you post, the more stars you will receive. The purpose of the Gimme My Stars message board is to increase your message totals without disturbing the other more serious boards with frivolous nonsense. Our message board thrives on, and encourages frivolous nonsense.

On the right side of this page are buttons to click that will take you to various pages on this site, and at The Motley Fool.

The Author page is dedicated to some of the individuals who frequent the Gimme My Stars message board. There you will be able to click on their name and see a page devoted to them. On that page a click on their name will link you to their profile at The Motley Fool.

The Photo Album is full of actual pictures of message board posters at Gimme My Stars.

The Resource Page is the place to go to find potential content for future messages. There you will find links to several Web sites featuring jokes, useless trivia, top ten lists, wave files and more.

The GMS Museum page has links to various pages created for this Web site. Some are of previous author pages, others are just silly nonsense slapped together on a boring day. It also includes the original page that started this site.

The Cartoons button will link you to WorldRecordGuy's TMFunnies. A humorous look into the Gimme My Stars message board and its authors.

Clicking on the Great Posts button will send you to the most recommended messages from the Gimme My Stars message board.

The FAQ button will connect you to the frequently asked questions regarding our unique corner of The Motley Fool.

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A list of some of the message board participants
Actual photos of actual posters
Great links to useful sites
The archives of the GMS web site
The Gimme My Stars message board at The Motley Fool
The most recommended messages from GMS
Frequently asked questions...Duh
WorldRecordGuy's cartoon page
WorldRecordGuy's cartoon page
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