Forrest Wade ``Foggy'' Morrison

Forrest Morrison and Mary Teresa Shannon, wed  January 17, 1928
Forrest Morrison and Mary Teresa Shannon, wed January 17, 1928
Forrest Morrison as a baby
Forrest Morrison as a baby

born: 24 Apr 1905, near Creston,Adair Co.,Iowa
died: 25 Jun 1949, Sigourney,Keokuk Co.,Iowa
bur.: 29 Jun 1949, Sigourney,Keokuk Co.,Iowa, at Pleasant Grove Cemetery
occu: farmer
spouse: Mary Teresa SHANNON
marr: 17 Jan 1928, Keswick,Keokuk Co.,Iowa
born: 27 May 1905, Charlotte,Clinton Co.,Iowa
died: 12 Apr 1992, Washington,Washington Co.,Iowa, at Washington County Hospital
bur.: 15 Apr 1992, Sigourney,Keokuk Co.,Iowa, at Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Merle Edward MORRISON
Lois Lorene MORRISON
James William MORRISON

Pedigree Chart

                      |--------William MORRISON (1805, Ireland - 1879, Ireland)
           |---------James MORRISON (1841, Ireland - 1912, Iowa)
           |          |
           |          |--------Mary Jane THOMPSON (1807, Ireland - 1879, Ireland)
  |------Edward MORRISON (1874, Iowa - 1938, Iowa)
  |        |
  |        |          |--------Thomas MORGAN (1814, KY - 1903, Iowa)
  |        |          |
  |        |---------Harriett Ann ``Hattie'' MORGAN (1854, Iowa - 1884, CA)
  |                   |
  |                   |--------Polly BALLARD (1814, Indiana - 1856, Iowa)
Forrest Wade ``Foggy'' MORRISON (1905, Iowa - 1949, Iowa)
  |                   |--------Elisha SCOTT (1822, Indiana - 1862, Iowa)
  |                   |
  |        |---------Avesta Franklin SCOTT (1855, Indiana - 1926, Iowa)
  |        |          |
  |        |          |--------Ruth MATTHEWS (1831, Indiana - 1917, Iowa)
  |        |
  |------Mary Etta SCOTT (1882, Iowa - 1919, Iowa)
           |          |--------Peter GILCHRIST (1823, Scotland - 1878, Iowa)
           |          |
           |---------Mary Jane GILCHRIST (1857, Scotland - 1919, Iowa)
                      |--------Mary JOHNSTONE (1821, Scotland - 1866, Scotland)



Forrest Morrison was affectionately called ``Foggy'' by his friends and many relatives. About 1906, his family moved back to Keokuk Co., northeast of Keswick. He grew up in that area, graduating high school in 1924. After his marriage to Mary Teresa Shannon, they lived on a farm northeast of Keswick (Section 1, Adams Twp) for about a year. Then they rented a farm owned by Sam Brower near South English (in Section 23, English River Twp), which is where Merle was born. They moved to the old Bowman place north and west of Webster in 1930. That is where Lyman, Lois, and Helen were born. These were all rented farms until March of 1939, when they bought the farm west of Sigourney on the old south Delta road. Around the first of the year of 1944 Forrest took sick. The doctors did not know what was wrong for a while, They finally decided it was a heart attack. He got along fairly well for about 3 years and then suffered from degenerative congestive heart disease. He was 44 years old when he passed away -- to put things into perspective, he only outlived his father by 11 years. Teresa continued to live on the farm and with the help of her oldest son Merle, raised the younger children. Teresa moved to a house in Sigourney about 1975, where she remained until about 1987, when Alzheimer's disease and failing health forced her to go to the Keota Care Center. She remained there until her death.

Forrest's sister Mary Ferne (Morrison) Franklin contributed the following memories of him in 1997:

\begin{em} Forrest was the oldest one in our home when I first remember him. Ellis had married and left the nest. Forrest was always left in charge in Dad's absence. He always seemed to be stern and didn't like any foolishness, as he called it. That trait carried forth even after his marriage. For the first few years especially he was always very strict with his own kids. But by the time Helen and Gerald came along he had mellowed, and by the time Jim arrived, he was an old softie. Teresa was always very quiet. Whenever a new baby arrived Forrest always came over to our home and took me back to help out with the children, with the new baby. Teresa and I always seemed to get along fine. \end{em}

When he married, Forrest was baptized into the Catholic church. Since he didn't have a Christian name, he was baptized with the name James. Thus the name James pops up as his middle name in some documents such as his marriage certificate and his children's birth certificates.

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