"Green" has become a popular euphemism for environment.  "Juris" is the latin term for law.    Thus, "Green Juris" roughly means , the environment and the law.  Green Juris is composed of  law students,  paralegals and lawyers who endeavor to   pursue environmental conservation in the   legal arena. 


We envision law students,  as well as members of the legal community, to be environmentally aware and responsible stewards of the earth.  We envision an effective and  efficient use of the law as an   instrument in environment   conservation.  We envision forceful environmental laws that truly  address environment degradation. 


To promote creative use of the  legal knowledge in environmental conservation.  To raise environmental consciousness in the legal community and encourage vigilance and participation in the  enforcement of environmental laws.  To lobby and advocate for appropriate environmental laws.  When the proper framework  for the  Green Juris, is in place and   its membership already stable, the  following ambitious programs and   projects may be undertaken; 

1.  Environmental  paralegal training for grass roots  organizations. 

2.  A primer on   environmental offenses and how to  lodge complaint on environmental   law violations. 

3.  A databank on environment and the law. 

4.  An advocacy and   networking program. 

5. Symposia/seminars on environment conservation using the legal tool.

6.  Assist in the prosecution of environmental cases



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Researches and Advocacies

Davao City Drainage Plan 
Establishment and Developmento f Greenbelts and Greenspaces in Davao City
The waste Management  OfHospitals in Davao City
REPUBLIC ACT NO.  8749otherwise known as“PHILIPPINE CLEAN AIR ACT OF 1999”:An Action Plan for the Localized Implementation of the Law dealing with Motor Vehicle 
Water and the State of Water Resources in Davao City
Analysis on the Process of Issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate(ECC) and Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC)  by the DENR Region 11
Solid Waste Management Proposal

An Evaluation of the Proposed Sanitary Landfill
An Analysis on the Legal Implications of the Proposed
Davao River Rehabilitation, Conversion and Development
The Proposed Urban Sewerage System for Davao City
An Analysis of the Water Code of Davao City


Water and Development    -Batacan 
Earth Week  - Rene E. Bartolo 
Intergenerational Responsibility- Atty. Ed c. Batacan
Clean Water : A Human Right & Social Responsibility
Hospitals as Waste Generators : An Analysis
Hazardous Chemical Wastes
The Legal Implications of the case of Oposa v. Factoran 
Edgar Pascua II



New proposed ordinances

Creation of a City Environmental Council

Strict Implementation of the labeling and segration of consumer products containing GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)

Requiring residential subdivisions to provide facilities for composting

For the proper dispoosal of hospital wastes and penalties for violations

Requiring auto shops to provide painting booths where car paintings are to be done


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