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This page has been made for our group and contains links to sites that belong to the group members units and troops.  Please do not take anything off this site without permission of the group Owner.  You can email her by clicking on any of the email buttons on any of the pages.  Thank you!
Girl Guides
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Clicking on the flags above will take you to the pages that have been assigned for each different association of W.A.G.G.G.S. that is represented in our group.  Clicking the World Flag takes you to the W.A.G.G.G.S. home page.

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Patience is our group mascot.  See pictures of her celebrating events in our club and read her biography.
Yahoo! Group Guiding On The Go hosts some great virtual events online.  Come and share the experience by reading about what has taken place or review ideas for upcoming events.
GG and GS Leaders share ideas on innovative activities to share with their troops.
Need help with tying knots, morse code, semaphore?
Where do you go to find guiding and scouting graphics, campfire stories, song sheets, all sorts of goodies?  Try our links.
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